Etsy Shop Roundup

Etsy Shop Roundup

I’m one of those people who loves the idea of handmade things, but rarely has the time or skill to pull off the crafty visions in my head. But that’s where Etsy comes in! I love that I’m able to find one of a kind pieces that support talented artists at the same time. Here are just a few of the shops on my radar that I’ve been loving lately.

Oh How Neat Shop: This shop is full of adorable decor, but if you’re a fellow muderino you’ll especially love the keychains and prints.  I recently ordered the “Lock Your Fucking Doors” keychain and it’s equal parts hilarious and functional. Definitely worth the weird looks you’ll get when people actually realize what’s written on your cute pink keychain. Plus it’s a great reminder every time you leave your house to stay sexy and don’t get murdered!

Dixie Creative: This shop really speaks to the throwback country music lover in me. Aaron got me the 90’s Country Music Men tee for Christmas (after my subtle suggestion of sending him the direct link) and it was perfect for the recent Alan Jackson concert I went to at the Times Union Center in Albany.

Sweaty Girl Glam: I found this shop while looking for some new yoga tops and I have to say I think I hit the jackpot. I haven’t ordered yet but I have my eye on a few and even if you’re not a yoga lover, this shop has tanks and shirts for just about every workout trend out there, from Crossfit to kickboxing.

Chic Monogram: This shop is definitely your one-stop shop for anything you could ever want monogramed. It has everything from desk supplies to wine glass koozies, but I’m especially drawn to their car accessories. They can get a little pricey, but I’d love to one day deck my car out top to bottom with some of their floral, monogrammed goodness.

Country Girl Glam Co: If you learn one thing from this post, you’ll learn that I love a good graphic tee with a cute phrase and these country themed tanks are right up my alley. BRB while I forward this shop to Aaron for birthday present ideas

Got any unique Etsy shops I need to check out? Throw them in the comments below so I can find some new favorites.